Easypet EP-380R Transmitter Replacement Handset


1 x Replacement transmitter handset for EP-380R (1200m) model

1 x Brand New EasyPet ®  EP-380R

Replacement Transmitter Handset (NOT a whole system)

(Latest revision with 5v 1A input)


This is for ONE replacement transmitter handset ONLY for EasyPet EP-380R remote dog training system. It CANNOT be used on its own! Please match it up with your current EP-380R collar unit before use!


It’s fully compatible with both revision of EP-380R collar receiver units (half moon shaped revision and latest square shaped with orange front revision) – For half moon shaped collar receiver units, you would need a new charger plug (for the new transmitter handset) and a magnet matching up tool together – please contact us for further details.


Transmitter Handset Specification:


★Size: L*W*H: approx 12cm*5cm*3.5cm (L*W*H, length includes antenna)


★Weight: approx 90g;


★Power: Rechargeable with replaceable battery(charger output: 5V1A)



Packaging Contents:

★1 x EP-380R Transmitter handset (with 5v 1A Input)


If you have a previous version of EP-380R (with half-moon shaped receiver), you will need a new charger and magnet matching up tool for this transmitter handset. Please contact us for the new charger plug if needed.


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